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Diligent Representation In Child Custody Cases

Last updated on July 9, 2024

As a parent who is contemplating or involved in a divorce, you will be making important decisions regarding the care and custody of your children. A Clinton child custody law attorney can help you make those important decisions, negotiate with the other parent and protect the best interests of the children.

Forrester & Goodge an Association of Attorneys and Mediators is an Anderson County child custody law firm providing personalized, attentive and diligent legal representation. We vigorously seek to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every parent and child.

Act Quickly To Retain Your Parental Rights

We handle many types of cases affecting people and their children. While all of these cases require prompt attention, there is often an added level of urgency where child custody is concerned. We advise clients to act quickly to retain their rights. We are familiar with the time frames for each county in Tennessee and understand the nuances of each.

Forrester & Goodge consistently works within child support statutes to uphold the best interests of the children. Per statute, there are 10 potential factors that can be considered when determining child custody and visitation arrangements. The factors are:

  • The willingness of one parent to facilitate the relationship between the child(ren) and the other parent
  • The love, affection and emotional ties between caregivers and child
  • The ability to provide for the child’s needs, including clothing and education
  • The degree to which either parent has been the caregiver
  • The continuity and length of time that the child has spent in a stable environment
  • The stability of family caregivers
  • The home and school records of the child
  • The child’s wishes – applicable if the child is 12 years of age or older
  • The presence of other people living in the home of the proposed caregiver
  • The past and potential future ability of a parent as a caregiver

All elements will be analyzed to generate a strong set of reasons that support your desired child custody and visitation outcome.

We’re Here To Help When You Need Us

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