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We Protect The Rights Of People Charged With Drug Offenses

Last updated on July 9, 2024

Tennessee has one of the highest rates of prescription drug use per person in the United States. These prescription drugs have led to the widespread abuse of opioids, which can lead a person to use heroin and other controlled substances.

We represent people in East Tennessee who have many types of drug-related criminal charges, including:

At Forrester & Goodge an Association of Attorneys and Mediators, we work to beat criminal drug charges and help clients move forward with their lives.

A Law Firm That Focuses On The Needs Of Clients

We give clients in the Knoxville metropolitan area immediate legal guidance for their drug offenses. We can travel to represent our clients in person and take swift action to get them out of jail. We can create a personalized legal strategy that defends your rights and works to get your desired case outcome.

Alternative Sentencing Options For Drug Offenders

Some people facing nonviolent drug charges may be able to get a community-based alternative to jail time. We can determine if alternative sentencing is an option for your charges and help you make an informed decision about your case. We take whatever course of action our clients prefer, whether that means fighting for them in the courtroom or working to get an alternative sentencing agreement.

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We are passionate about defending our clients and fighting to get every person the best possible outcome for their case. We have years of legal experience and a long history of success for drug charges.

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