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Pedestrian accident facts and figures

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Blog, Personal Injury

When walking around moving vehicles, pedestrians need to exercise caution. From parking lots to busy roads, a pedestrian could become seriously hurt if a driver hits them. Sadly, even the most cautious pedestrians can find themselves injured in an accident because of the negligent behavior of a careless driver.

It is pivotal for pedestrians and drivers to go over risks associated with these accidents and review data in order to understand the extent of this problem.

Pedestrian accident statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that throughout 2020, pedestrian accidents resulted in 104,000 visits to U.S. emergency departments, according to estimates. Tragically, over 7,000 pedestrians died in motor vehicle crashes, accounting for one-sixth of all traffic accident deaths.

20% of pedestrian deaths in 2020 involved adults 65 and over, while 20.4% of pedestrian fatalities involved kids under 15.

Pedestrian accident risks

The CDC draws attention to various pedestrian accident risks, such as walking at night, crossing the road and listening to music while walking. Drunk driving plays a role in many pedestrian accidents, as well as speeding and distracted driving. A majority of pedestrian fatalities happen away from intersections, during the nighttime and on urban roads.

Pedestrians and drivers can reduce the chances of a collision in various ways. Drivers should always remain sober behind the wheel, exercise caution when visibility deteriorates and follow all traffic safety guidelines. Those walking can wear reflective clothes or use a flashlight at night, stay on sidewalks and use designated crosswalks to avoid a pedestrian accident.