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Fog and traffic crash hazards

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Blog, Personal Injury

On the road, it is pivotal for you to focus on any potential hazard that could lead to a crash. Debris on the road, ice, bad signage and very sharp turns cause many accidents. In addition, you should understand the various risk factors associated with driving during foggy conditions.

Regrettably, some drivers ignore these risks and drive too fast or too close to other vehicles. Furthermore, even if you do everything you can to avoid a collision and drive safely, you could become seriously hurt during an accident as a result of fog and other types of inclement weather.

The link between fog and traffic accidents

The Federal Highway Administration reports that on an annual basis, more than 38,700 traffic collisions occur during foggy weather. Moreover, the FHA states that these accidents leave over 16,300 people with injuries and claim more than 600 lives per year.

In addition to accidents caused by the inability to see other vehicles and hazards, the FHA also says that fog can cause accidents as a result of speed variance. For example, when vehicles travel at significantly different rates of speed, the chances of a collision increase, especially when drivers struggle to see what is in front of them and behind them.

Moving on after a fog-related accident

If you become involved in an accident during foggy weather, gather as much evidence as possible if another driver caused the collision. On top of recovering in terms of your physical health and emotions, you should also take the financial impact of a traffic collision into account.