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What do studies say about joint custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Family Law

When parents go through divorce, they always wish to do what they can to make it easier on their children.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fully blunt the blow of divorce. However, it is possible to make it more bearable. Ways to do so include selecting specific custody methods, such as joint custody.

Positive impacts on coping

Psychology Today discusses the impact of joint custody on children of divorce. Studies over the years have shown that joint custody seemingly has largely positive impacts on these children, starting in their youth and running through adulthood.

For example, many of these children develop healthier coping mechanisms compared to their counterparts who experience sole custody. They do not lash out at their peers as often and do not butt heads with authority figures to the same degree.

These good coping skills carry on into adulthood many times, too. As a result, children of joint custody often suffer from fewer addictions and have healthier relationships, whether romantic or platonic.

Improved mental health

They also have better mental health, on a whole. They report fewer instances of depression and anxiety, along with stress and trauma disorders. When they do report such issues, they also seem to have a lower severity than the problems faced by children of sole custody.

Joint custody does not work well for every family, of course, since each situation has its differences. For example, joint custody is not a good idea in situations where one parent faces accusations of neglect. However, if it is a possibility that a family can consider, they may want to do so for the sake of their child’s health and well-being.