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How can road rage influence car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Blog, Injuries

When you imagine a car crash, you may not immediately envision a driver who is so distracted and angry that it causes them to crash into another vehicle.

However, road rage is an increasingly common issue. Learning about how anger influences the behavior of people on the road is important.

Distractions on the mind

According to Psychology Today, the more a person gives in to frustration or irritation, the more likely it is that they will decide to follow another driver who annoyed them. Tailgating, which is an intimidating form of following another car, can potentially cause crashes when the angry driver speeds up or stops erratically.

If drivers focus too much on hostile interactions, they can miss road signs and stop lights. When they are in the middle of a highway or another busy road, these mistakes can be dangerous or even fatal for other people.

Increased speed

Drivers who have road rage tend to speed up quickly. Not only is speeding dangerous for people inside the vehicle, but it also leads to reckless decisions in traffic. Cars that go over the speed limit are harder to steer and can take longer to come to a total stop.

If any kind of obstacle suddenly appears on the road, a driver with road rage could swerve into your lane or slam into the back of your car if you are ahead of them on the road. Staying aware of how angry drivers and people who ignore road rules can leave you in danger is important if you are in a motor vehicle accident.