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Man passed out with engine running faces multiple drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People who are arrested for drug violations in Tennessee could be confronted with charges for its sale, distribution and trafficking. In some cases, however, they are simply caught having used drugs and are in possession of it. If they are in an automobile at the time, they might also be charged with driving under the influence. For these individuals, there can be harsh consequences. Even with that, it is important to know the alternatives and perhaps seek ways to avoid incarceration and other penalties.

Man, 23, arrested after being found in parking lot after using drugs

A 23-year-old man was found passed out in his vehicle in a Walmart parking lot and arrested. He had allegedly just injected drugs and the needle was still in his arm. A law enforcement officer went into the store parking lot and saw the man in a Kia. The vehicle was running. The officer checked on the man, who subsequently woke up. He was given sobriety tests and failed. He agreed to a blood draw. The officer searched the vehicle and found a baggie containing brown powder. It was determined to be more than 2.5 grams of heroin. There was other drug paraphernalia in the vehicle including foil and a burned spoon. He is accused not just of DUI and possessing drug paraphernalia, but possessing drugs to be resold.

A combination of charges can result in extensive problems

People who are arrested for drug offenses while they are in their vehicle could find themselves dealing with a slew of problematic charges. A DUI conviction may lead to lost driving privileges, fines, raised insurance rates and more. With drug charges – especially accusations of selling heroin – there could be a long jail sentence. The evidence should be analyzed to determine the type of defense to present. In addition, the person’s situation could be relevant and warrant treatment in lieu of punishment.

Professional help can be key with crafting a strong defense

For this man, the challenges he faces are serious. Unfortunately, drug issues are quite common. People who have been arrested for drug charges and DUI should be cognizant of the possible penalties for a conviction and do whatever is necessary to forge an effective defense. For assistance, having experienced representation can assess the case and decide on a path forward.