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Don’t wait to get legal help. Don’t assume it will all work out. At Forrester & Goodge an Association of Attorneys and Mediators, we will do everything in our power to protect your interests and find a solution to your legal issue.

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Our Practice Areas

Family Law

We can proactively and aggressively protect your rights in a divorce, a custody dispute or any other family court matter.

Mediation Services

We are attorneys who can serve as neutral parties for divorce mediation or other civil disputes.

Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, you need strong guidance and wise strategy throughout the process.

Personal Injury

Injuries caused by an accident can lead to an expensive and lengthy recovery. We will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Estate Planning

We help people across East Tennessee create wills and advance health care directives, and we represent their interests in probate.

Putting Your Best Interests First

At Forrester & Goodge an Association of Attorneys and Mediators, our priority is helping you get results. We have advocated for clients throughout the Knoxville metro area.

We love helping ordinary people overcome legal problems. Whether you need fierce representation to confront criminal charges, thorough legal advice for family law issues or strong advocacy in a personal injury claim, we are lawyers who have the skills and experience to help you.

Mediation Is Often A Better Way Forward

The courtroom is not always the best forum to resolve disputes. Litigation is stressful, spendy and unpredictable.

Mediation, however, gives you more control over the outcome and is usually quicker and less expensive than litigation. We are attorneys Daniel Goodge and Daniel Forrester. We are Rule 31 mediators who are trained and skilled in helping parties reach amicable and practical resolutions to complex disputes.

We are experienced in mediating divorce settlements, child custody disputes, breach of contract, probate conflicts and other challenges, including the sensitive issue of helping families work through the aftermath of domestic violence. We invite you to explore whether mediation is the right path for your situation.

If mediation is not an option or you have already exhausted peaceful negotiation opportunities, we are also experienced trial lawyers who are well-equipped to represent you in contested court proceedings.

We Will Aim To Achieve The Right Solution To Your Legal Issue

When you hire our law firm to handle your legal case, you will gain access to knowledgeable advocates who will be with you through every step of the legal process.

Our lawyers will thoroughly review your case and explain your legal options.

Ultimately, we strive to achieve the outcome that best fits your circumstances and goals.

What Our Clients Say

“Daniel Forrester really is an awesome attorney and easy to work with he listens closely and stays on top of everything! I highly recommend him to and for anyone if you are looking for a great attorney!”

— B. Walker

Meet Your Legal Team

Daniel Goodge

Daniel Goodge is an East Tennessee native, and he attended the University of Tennessee College of Law, where he was involved with the Innocence Project. He was a partner for many years at another firm in Clinton, and then spent several years building a family business before returning to his passion – the practice of law. He was one of the youngest lawyers to ever argue a case before the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Daniel Forrester

Daniel Forrester studied criminal justice at East Tennessee State University and earned his law degree in Florida in 2005 before returning to the Knoxville area to practice law. He is renowned for his advocacy in criminal law, family law and civil litigation and was recently elected to become a commissioner judge, a reflection of his deep knowledge and professional integrity.

We are passionate advocates who care about the outcome of your case and providing personalized service along the way.

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